Turnin’ 30 Years Young


 Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  I had a great day.  I got hear the heartbeat of our little baby in the morning, ate Frisch’s Big Boy pancakes for breakfast, had birthday cake with the church staff over Skyline chili for lunch, and then had a nice movie night out with my wife, Harry Potter 5.  I also contracted a stomach virus and spent most of the nighttime hours in the bathroom.  (One negative in a day of all positives.  It was not the food, I promise.)

Everyone keeps asking me…”Well, do you feel 30?”  My answer has been YES.  

I have been waiting for this birthday for quite some time.  As a new 30-something, I might finally be old enough to be viewed differently by my peers.  In my life as a church and spiritual leader, youthfulness (a.k.a. being in your 20’s) is not a good thing.  I have been shuned by many because of my age.  Everyone wants a young pastor/leader because they are fully of energy and go-get-em.  But when it comes to being a change agent, seeking counsel on big issues, or leading more mature believers, age is definitely a mark against you.

So now that I am in my 30’s, I hope I will be offered the opportunity to be a more effective leader for our church and my family.  Not that 30 years of life is much.  I am sure that now I will be told, when you are in your 50’s….


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