Dragon Tales to the Rescue


Funny story that had to be told.  People who know Jennifer will get a real kick out of this.

Yesterday, Jennifer was cooking dinner.  Isaac came up, tugged his Mommy’s pant leg, and said “Mommy, I help.”  Usually when he does that, he gets out a pot or pan and pretends to cook in the kitchen floor, stirring with a wooden spoon and banging things together.

This time, he went to his bookshelf, got a Dragon Tales book and walked to the hallway.  As Jennifer followed, Isaac got under the fire alarm and starting waving the book in the air. 

You might ask, “What was he doing?”  Well…confession time…my wife has a problem burning things.  She tells everyone else, so I don’t mind telling you.  When the smoke fills the house, the fire alarm goes off.  When the alarm goes off, I go get a book from Isaac’s shelf and start waving cool air toward the alarm.

Isaac hates the fire alarm, so he thought he would help his Mommy by waving the book to keep the alarm from beeping.  You never know what they are going to pick up on.


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