I’ve Got the Power

I am writing a paper on power structures on the college campus.  I know you are bored stiff already…but just read a bit more.

If you had to think about who had the MOST POWER on your college or university campus, who would it be?  By power, I mean the ability to make decisions, get things done, and lead the school.

Which group or individual would you choose?
A.  The College President (the top dog)
B.  The Board of Trustees (the suits)
C.  The Faculty Body (the academics)
D.  The VP’s or Deans of the Schools (the middle managers)
E.  The Alumni & Donors (the money bags)
F.  The Student Body (the customers)
G.  The Parents of Students  (the ones supplying the money to the customers)

I have some theories, but  I would love to hear some comments.  What do you think?  Who’s got the power on the college campus?


One thought on “I’ve Got the Power

  1. It really depends on what you mean by “on campus.” My naturally leaning would be to say that the board of Trustees hold the most power, but they are not normally on campus. The president would be the person “on campus” that yields the most power, but he ultimately has to answer to the board.

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