Not My Best Sermon

Last night I spoke to the BCM students at Campbellsville University.  Somewhere after the opening introduction, I had the feeling this was not my best work in the pulpit.  Sure it was fun to preach in the new chapel and be with these energetic students, but my part did not go over so well.

However, the content was very important and relevant to today’s college students.  Much of the discussion came from one of the most interesting cultural documentaries I have seen in years.  I would highly recommend any of you who interact with teenagers and college students or are parents of those groups, to go to the following link:

This is a Frontline PBS special on students Growing Up Online.  It talks about their Second World experience with online communities, gaming, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.  It is fascinating stuff.  This was the basis of my sermon, but I think PBS did a better job of communicating this new type of community.

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