Prince Caspian…Boo Hiss

Please read a great review of the film at

I was embarrassed to invite church friends and family to this film.  Too much violence.  Too many swords and crossbows.  Too many “charges.”

The story of the book was lost in the intense, yet bloodless, violence.  Walden Media should be ashamed that they blotched this second film.  They tried for Braveheart, but with a PG rating.

C. S. Lewis would not be proud.

4 thoughts on “Prince Caspian…Boo Hiss

  1. wow. you are the first person I’ve heard say it wasn’t better than the first. my question: Why would you be embarrassed? Embarrassed of what? violence in the film? swords and crossbows?
    Elaborate on where the “embarrassment stemmed from please…I’m curious.

  2. I was embarrassed because we made the movie a “family children’s ministry event.” So I had children of all ages (3 to 13) come with their families. I was just too much violence for the younger ones.

    As a children’s leader, I was just embarrass that I had not previewed the movie ahead of time and then put together an event.

    Additionally, I didn’t think the movie was that good. Too much war, which is in the book, but not as primary as in the film.

  3. I actually liked the movie, but I do wish they would have stuck closer to the book. There were several things out of sequence with how they happened in the book.

    I didn’t mind the battle sequences because they were present in the book. I could say more, but don’t want to ruin it for those who have yet to see it!

  4. I agree – way to much violence – way too many “charges,” too many swords, RPGs, rockets, car bombs….wait…oh, I’m sorry. Thought you were talking about my neighbors.

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