Preaching @ CBC Pt. 2

It was a great honor to break God’s word yesterday at Campbellsville Baptist Church.  I shared with both services my story of going to JC Penney to buy a new sport coat.  They laughed loudly.  But then after both services, everyone kept coming up to me, looking at my coat asking if this was the JC Penney special.  Some asked if I was going to take the jacket back.  It was a big funny.

Everyone was so kind to me.  I had a lot of fun.  It was a bit nerve-racking preaching to folks I barely knew who are becoming our new church family, but God truly worked in our midst.

I think the message went well.  It will be available to watch and listen online in a few days.  I will post the link when it comes available.

Thanks CBC for making me feel so welcome.  Jennifer and I hope to join in a couple weeks.

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