Think Again Conf. Recap

think-again-1On Saturday, November 15, we had nearly 30 youth pastors and ministry leaders from KY and TN on campus for the inaugural Think Again Conference hosted by CU and the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  While the day was cold and rainy, the conference participants were warm and ready to discuss the changing tide of Youth Ministry in a post-modern world.  The event was well attended and seemed very well received by the participants.

I led the first session and Joe Ball, KBC Youth Ministry Strategist, led the second.  My topic dealt with Youth Ministry paradigms that exist everywhere in all kinds of churches.  The most prevalant youth ministry designs and formats seen today.  Additionally, I spoke about the paradigms that are failing and causing youth to leave the church after graduation.  Conversely, in sharing the good news, I highlighted five paradigms that are showing real promise in reaching the next generation for the long haul. 

Joe Ball tackled the challenging new book by Steven Wright called ReThink which deals with the role of parents in youth ministry.  Considering the family, not the church, as the primary institution created by God for the discipleship of teens.  The church, as a secondary institution, acts as a partner to parents.

We are discussing how we might continue the Think Again Conference for next fall.  I will post some pictures of the event soon.  Thank you to all who attended and supported this event.

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