Memories on Main Street Pt. II

Another fun trip down memory lane.

1.  Trying to baptize Jim McIntrye (6’4, 230+ lbs.) on Christmas Day 2005.  I nearly went under with him.  His wife, Karen, was in the tank as well and just laughed at us both.  The whole congregation burst into laughter.

2.  Working with the Logo Redesign Team.  Changing our church logo from this…

to this…

3.  Traveling on four mission trips with various groups to Xian, China (before I was even on staff), the island of Malta, Naples, Italy, and Eatonton, Georgia.

4.  Seeing my wife, Jennifer, take the helm as the CARE Ministry Executive Director.  She did an amazing job in just two years.

5.  Praying with the elders over the last two years.

More memories to come.


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