2011 from the Rear View Mirror

Usually I dislike reading The Year in Review.  Whether on TV or in magazines, I don’t find myself wanting to read what was hot and what was not.  I prefer setting goals for the upcoming year and moving forward.  But 2011 has been pretty cool for the Garrison family, so I would look back and look ahead.

In January, I spent time in Amman, Jordan teaching teachers which was a great honor.  Jordan has quite a few biblical locations which means plenty of sight-seeing.  It also meant spending some time with a dear friend and brother.

In the winter and early spring, Jennifer got to teach her first two college courses at CU and began the admission process for her Ph.D.  After years of being a full-time stay-at-home mom, we came to terms with her future career plan, once the boys are in school.  She loves teaching and loved the college environment, so doctoral work became her goal.  She got into the Ph.D. program in Family at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In July, I finished being the interim pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Louisville and in August became the interim pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in Garrard Co.  God keeps providing ministry opportunities in strategic churches where I can, hopefully, be a blessing in times of transition.

In August, Jennifer started school and everything changed at our house.  Her work demanded an intense regiment of reading, studying, and writing.  Our weekly schedule shifted to include multiple “Boy Conferences.”  This is where mom is in my office (which she calls the chamber of secrets) and we boys entertain ourselves.  I became Boy Conference president in October.  Ethan did a great job as president last year. 

Also in August, I received the Non-Tenured Faculty of the Year award from CU.  I couldn’t believe I won.  These first 3 years have been so amazing.  Additionally, I was placed on the SACS 10 Year Reaffirmation team, which means great job security for the next 4 years.

Finally in August, we also had both of our boys in part-time school.  Isaac as a half-a-day kindergartener and Ethan as a 2-day per week glowworm.  Both at the Campbellsville Christian Church Center for Christian Education.

In September & October, it was all soccer.  We learned Isaac is pretty good and is built for the game – good speed, good accuracy, leadership in competition.  Ethan continues to show great skill and ability in all things athletic.  He will be a force next year.

In December, we celebrate that Isaac has read 150 books so far this year.  He is seeking a new school record of 243.  And Ethan has been on the green light all semester long, which is a miracle in and of itself.  Jennifer has made it through her first full semester in flying colors and will be teaching “Women in Ministry” this Spring at CU.  My interim at Lancaster BC is going very well.  Work at CU could not be any better.

God is faithful.  Serving Him is a joy and honor.  10 years of marriage with hardly no disruption.  Two great kids.  We are blessed beyond measure.


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